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Upcoming Parent Connect: April 22, The Den

Parent Connect

This year we want to be intentional about equipping you as parents to connect with your child and better understand the cultural challenges they are facing on a daily basis. There is a lot going on in our communities, schools, and across the nation. Many times, the bad news and rapidly changing cultural trends can feel overwhelming. That is why we, as a team, want to take time to encourage, inform, and hopefully give you the foundation for helpful conversations at home.

The plan is to meet, in the STS Loft after worship, the 4th Sunday morning of the month. Over the next few months we will discuss a variety of topics, ranging from teen slang and social media to dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders & self harm, sexual identity and more.

After the STS praise team leads in worship, all our students will go to their small groups and parents will meet in The Loft.

The STS team is praying that these will be beneficial times for you as parents.