Our Mission

STS or Student to Student is the ministry for 5th-12th grade students at Apostles. We are passionate about middle and high school students loving God with their whole heart, reaching others with their whole lives, and making disciples with the whole Gospel.

Through each of our Bible studies, worship services, teaching times, service projects, and special events, our desire is that students would fall madly in love with the Father and understand the huge plan He has for their lives.

Our main focus this year is that our students would LOVE GOD with everything they have. The STS Staff understands that students are pulled and tugged in so many different directions, and the enemy does his best to take their focus off of the Savior. Our hope and prayer is that our students would have such a deep relationship with the Father that He is the first thing they think about when they wake up and the last one they talk to before they go to sleep. God has such a huge plan for their future, but we don’t want to neglect where He has them now.
My desire is that as we grow closer to the Father, we will grow closer to each other and impact the Kingdom of Heaven right where we are! May God continue to move and shake in the midst of STS!
— Ryan Garrett, Director of Student Ministries

LOVE GOD::Matthew 22:37

We want our students to love God with ALL of themselves, with everything in them, their whole being.

REACH OTHERS::Matthew 22:39

We want our students to reach others with an AWARENESS of where God has placed them and who is around them in their daily lives.

MAKE DISCIPLES::Matthew 28:19-20

We want our students to be ACTIVE in making disciples, life on life.

Listen to the audio from our latest PARENT SUMMIT [10.29.17]