Our Mission

The STS ministry focuses on the various relationships that students develop during the academic and developmental years. It is through these relationships that the desired fruit of the ministry results in the mutual edification of students, education for life and practice from leaders, and the ability to give a proper explanation of the gospel and its effect on their lives.

It is the goal of the STS ministry to have students in the same age and stage of life develop intentional and meaningful relationships among their peers. Through consistent and committed encouragement in the gospel, STS students combat the selfish and self-centered desires of the heart that lead to division within the group. Students that share in their struggles, successes, and situations will find accountable, intentional, and enjoyable relationships as they point each other to Christ.

Another relationship that is vital to student development is the dynamic between Christians of all ages. As students of the word, our leaders aspire to be godly examples that our students can follow. Leaders recognize the impact for Christ that older, more mature mentors have on the next generation. Our Christian leaders seek to faithfully invest in and teach the next generation the truths of God’s word while having appropriate friendships and relationships with our STS students.

Through encouragement with like-minded students and biblical training from STS leaders, our STS students are empowered to go and tell individuals in their homes, schools, and spheres of influence the good news of Jesus Christ. With this message of the gospel, STS students go out and make other students of the Scriptures, fulfilling the Great Commission commanded by Christ.

The ultimate goal of the STS ministry is that students find edification through healthy friendships, education through Godly mentors, and the ability to explain their faith through teaching and leadership training.